Unified Commerce Alliance is going to change the game for retailers.

Dynamics 365, Episerver for Dynamics powered by Avensia Storefront and Inriver solves the omni channel puzzle for retailers and enable them to win today’s commerce race.

The system shares the same data and business logic, and joins all channels through one single integration. All delivered secure and with global scalability in the Azure cloud.

Microsoft, Episerver, powered by Avensia Storefront, and Inriver launch the Unified Commerce Alliance (UCA)

The Unified Commerce Alliance is a joint solution that will solve the omnichannel puzzle for retailers and enable them to win today’s commerce race, where consumer technology and behavior are evolving rapidly.

It’s no secret that retail is in the midst of tremendous change and evolution. Omnichannel retail is no longer enough to meet the demands of customers. There is fast development towards a future where stores are becoming experience centers Most retailers are struggling with legacy technology and are moving far too slow to keep up with consumer expectations.

The Alliance between Microsoft, Episerver, Avensia Storefront and Inriver helps retailers with an end-to-end solution to deliver consistent and optimal experiences both online and in-store. The Unified Commerce package from the Alliance puts retailers back in the driver’s seat and gives them capabilities to move exponentially faster – and further — than they can do today. The joint solution is the medicine the industry needs to win the race against Amazon.

The Unified Commerce Suite consists of:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for retail and Microsoft Azure, enabling one source of truth with all retail functionality, from POS, pricing, campaign, stock and warehouse management.
  • Episerver Commerce for Dynamics 365 – the front-end Commerce and CMS solution with capabilities for search, personalization, analytics, campaign management and much more, powered by Avensia Storefront, the framework allows seamless real-time integration and updates of all systems.
  • inRiver PIM – the service that facilitates content onboarding and content creation for all channels

The Alliance helps retailers navigate the shift towards Unified Commerce. It requires new approaches to technology in key areas of retailers’ businesses, but the Unified Commerce Suite takes away the headache of having to choose compatible systems: A solution with all retail and digital marketing functionality that you can put on top of current ERP, that works as the single point of truth, manages updates of all systems and puts an end to slow moving retailers trying to keep up. It enables brands to navigate quickly and with agility towards increased margin, revenue and brand value.


The Unified Commerce Alliance already has several joint customers and together, the four companies have thousands of clients. The Alliance is founded to help retailers and branded manufacturers with digital transformation, with a solution that gives them the capabilities they need to win the retail race.

The suite delivered by the Alliance already has partners on all continents and the experience to deliver global rollouts.


About Avensia Storefront

Avensia Storefront is a 100% cloud-compatible turn-key unified commerce solution that connects Episerver with Microsoft Dynamics to help retailers build a thriving commerce business. By making all channels operate under the same business logic, Avensia Storefront enables real-time communication between Microsoft Dynamics end-to-end omnichannel retail system and Episerver’s Digital Experience Cloud. Founded in 1998, Avensia has offices in the US, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the Philippines.

About Episerver

Episerver empowers digital leaders to easily create standout experiences for customers – everywhere they engage, and always with measurable business results. The Episerver Digital Experience Cloud™ unifies digital content, commerce and marketing in one platform, including omnichannel solutions for smart personalization and intelligent campaigns. Founded in 1994, Episerver has offices in the US, UK, Sweden, Australia, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, the Netherlands, Spain, South Africa, Singapore, Vietnam and the UAE.


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